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Hell, it's made from asphalt shingles!
What's more manly than that?

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made from asphalt shingles

made from asphalt shingles

For men only: how to make an asphalt necklace.

The backstory.

In hindsight I think the antecedents to this work include:

  • I re-shingled part of my roof several weeks prior. I'd never done any roofing or worked with asphalt shingles before. It introduced me to a whole new set of manly materials.
  • Having small shingle samples lying around begging to be used and my my longstanding penchant for making arty wearable pins, buttons and badges.
  • Fluxus. Just the idea of using asphalt shingles as the gemstones in a necklace strikes my Fluxus funnybone. It's the sort of everyday, low art, turn-things-upside-down idea that is often found in Fluxus work (e.g., George Maciunas's collection of animal dung).
  • The format of my last major badge-project--for the Akron band Half Cleveland: a series of objects strung together on a bar of wire.
  • Working with sandpaper and the idea of "grittiness" on a consulting project that explored the grittiness of the city of Detroit and how this grittiness influences its creativity.
  • All the work I've been doing with wire lately--wrapping things in wire and using wire as a way to connect objects together.
If you put these elements in a brain like mine--and shake--you'll get something like manly jewelry made out of asphalt shingles.

Another object & backstory from

Creative Commons License Jewelry made out of shingles by Allen Bukoff is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License.