Another object & backstory from

Tomato Tomahawks

...or watch me debate with myself whether or not my tomato stakes can be considered "art objects"

A small discussion with myself about art.

What is art? What is the connection between art and creativity? These are good questions...and I suspect that almost every human encounters some version of these questions at one time or another in their lives.

My own little internal debate and discussion
on these topics intended to appear here eventually.
It will likely be tedious
--what I've already written
is too incomplete and broken to appear here
and yet it's already long and boring.

The original tomato tomahawk

The spark for the idea

I needed a tomato stake for a tomato plant I was repotting. Picked out a stick that was about a yard long. Then I started wondering how I was going to keep it upright and sturdy in the pot. Got idea to anchor it with something heavy like a rock or brick. I had several broken bricks nearby. Figured the quickest way to secure the stick to one of these bricks was to use some annealed steel wire (something I've been working with a lot lately). So I got the wire and the brick and it took about thirty-seconds to wire it. "Hey, this is a pretty cool looking object in its own right," I thought to myself. I presented it to Janice as my latest object of art. Janice pointed out that it looked like a tomahawk or club. Returned to my potting chore--put the brick-&-stick in the pot, positioned the tomato plant, and covered it all with soil. Voila! Art underground.

Another object & backstory from

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