Print these instructions


Print these instructions



  • Use masking tape to mark off a "start line" and "finish line"--30-60 feet apart--on conference room or hallway floor.
  • Place pads of paper around room--one for each participant.


1.    Ask everyone to tear a sheet of paper into the shape of a fish.

    • Demonstrate tearing a fish using your fingers.
    • Any size or shape of fish will do.

2.    Demonstrate how to move the fish on the floor by fanning it
        with a paper pad/magazine (without touching it!).

    • Rule:  You cannot touch your fish with your pad.

3.    Get everyone (or first group) to line up at start line.

    • First one over finish line wins!
    • Rule:  You cannot interfere with (e.g., block) others.

4.    Start the race by shouting "Go!".

    • First one over finish line wins!

5.    Declare the winner.

    • Punish the cheaters. 
    • Now get back to brainstorming!


  • 5 - 20 participants (may require several heats)
  • Pads of paper...or substitute typing paper (for fish) and magazines (for fans)
  • Markers (optional)
  • Tape

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