Print these instructions


Print these instructions



  • Spread typing paper and markers around table.


1.    Ask everyone to think about one of their personal heroes.

    • Have them write the name of this hero on a sheet of typing paper.

2.    Ask each person to imagine how the hero might solve the
        problem or issue.

    • What ideas would the hero have?
    • What advice would the hero give?

3.    Go around table and ask people to:

    • Hold up the piece of paper that identifies who their hero is.
    • Share their thoughts about what their hero would do with the problem.
    • Invite others to comment.

4.    Record ideas--on wall or flip-charts.

5.    Summarize and get group to identify best ideas.


  • 5 - 20 participants.
  • Piles of typing paper and markers around table
  • Markers
  • Tape
  • Flip-chart pad or wall paper

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