Print these instructions


Print these instructions



Choose three to four subcultures you would like your group to explore.

  • California Surfers
  • Trailer park housewives
  • Japanese businessmen
  • Iowa Farmers
  • Computer Hackers
  • (Pick your own!)

Optional: bring magazines pertinent to the subcultures.


1.    Divide your group into breakout groups--3 - 6 people per
         breakout group.

    • One breakout group for each subculture you intend to use.

2.    Assign each breakout a different subculture to discuss and

3.    Ask breakout groups to brainstorm ideas for selling the
        product or brand to their subculture target (e.g., ads,
        promotions, PR, web sites).

    • Give them 10 minutes to explore (longer if you've given them relevant magazines to dig through) and 15 - 20 minutes to generate ideas.
    • Ask groups to record ideas on flip-chart pads.

4.    Each breakout group presents ideas.

    • Invite other groups to ad ideas.

5.    Ask entire group to identify, translate, and develop ideas that
        could be applied to the real target group.


  • 12 - 25 participants
  • Markers
  • Tape
  • Flip-chart pads
  • Optional:  magazines pertinent to the subcultures (e.g., "Cycle World," "Surfing Magazine," "Farmer's Almanac").

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